Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today I Pedaled 2 Work

Today I ”Pedaled 2 Work” for the first time ever. It was an 11 mile trip from my front door to my office. It took about an hour and ten minutes.

I just bought a Schwinn 26” Ranger for $169 from Target this past weekend. It rode pretty good, a little clicking in the gears, it even changed gears on it’s own at one point. But all in all it wasn’t bad. I even filled up the water bottle, I felt like a little kid doing it, but it came in handy.

Reason for biking to work: Gas prices have a little bit to do with it, bust most of all I just want to get into shape. I’m 30, I’m Italian, and I’ve been married for about a year. My wife is also Italian and she is a great cook! So I have packed on quite a bit of pounds over the past year. I’m not even sure of exactly what I weigh. I should weigh myself and post my specs in order to chart my progress. I also wanted to just sort of change up my routine!

It was a good morning

Anyways, this is my first blog ever! So I am going to keep it short this time.

-Kick Stan

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Anonymous said...

Ahh being Italian and having a great cook for a wife! Great combo for big guts! I've only ridden my bike 3 days of 5 per week this past month or so. I will work up to every day. I think gas prices have A LOT to do with it!